why american made?

why american-made?

we love america and hate to see american industries suffering when manufacturing and other production processes move overseas. we have committed ourselves to doing what we can to support the american jewelry industry by keeping the production of our pieces entirely in the united states. we believe passionately in the importance of supporting our country and our fellow americans, and we are extremely proud to be able to offer you a robust selection of jewelry designs made right here in the usa!


what are the benefits of keeping production in the united states?

by keeping production in the united states, we're able to ensure that our pieces meet our high standards for quality and can enjoy a faster manufacturing turn-around time (meaning we can get sold-out items back in stock for you quickly!)


where in the united states are emma mckinstry pieces made?

our process begins in new york city, where we sketch, sketch, sketch. once we have a full, final collection sketched, we send our drawings to our wonderful manufacturer in rhode island. manufactured components (links, pendants, clasps, etc.) are shipped back to us in new york, where we add colored resin and put each finished piece together by hand. we also source american-made chains and other materials needed for the construction of each piece from suppliers across the country.*


are all emma mckinstry pieces made in america?

our spring summer 2014 collection is the first to be entirely made in america. we began working with our rhode island-based manufacturer for the fall/winter 2013-14 collection, but also used some small foreign-made supplies (clasps, etc.) for the construction of that collection. moving forward, our intent is to keep the production of all components, supplies, and finished pieces completely in the united states.


*if and when our designs use materials that cannot be made in the united states (swarovski crystals, for example), the use of foreign-made materials will be kept to a minimum.